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Many types of businesses are finding that outsourcing some of their work is an excellent idea. A common example is the outsourcing of billing and collections, as doing so allows the business to concentrate fully on its main goals. Another example that is becoming increasingly prevalent is the outsourcing of claims adjustment by insurance companies instead of employing adjusters directly. Anyone interested in how this works may visit a website like http://claimsadjusters.co/The-Aspen-Claims-Difference.

No Job Losses

A particularly positive aspect of this business decision is that it doesn’t reduce the number of jobs in the country. With an occupation like that of independent claims adjuster, the worker is required to be on the scene to evaluate the dollar amount of damage to vehicles, buildings, or other machinery or structures.

Job Duties

Adjusters inspect the damage directly. They may need to view police reports and reports from other organizations, such as fire departments. They may talk with witnesses. Their work is a thorough investigation of the situation, after which they determine the amount of liability to the insurance company.

A Broad Range of Incidents

Claims adjusters for property damage are needed for a broad range of incidents. A vehicle accident is the most common example. They also evaluate damage due to tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms, hailstorms and lightning strikes. They respond to calls regarding the aftermath of earthquakes and wildfires.


The work can be emotionally difficult sometimes, but adjusters know they are helping people get back on their feet after an experience that may have been traumatic. Sometimes a claim is relatively small, simply involving replacing the hood and front bumper of a car. It might be a big claim but not exceptionally upsetting, as when hail dents a metal roof and the insurer pays for a new roof. In other cases, the policyholder has lost a large part of the home to a weather event or other natural disaster.

A company like Aspen Claims Service is ready to assist new clients who want to outsource their adjusting work. They also seek to hire new workers to the team, since the demand is strong for these services.

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