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How to Pick the Finest Campsite

The particular spot that you chose for your campsite will either make or destroy your camping experience. Listed below are the basic tips on how you must choose the perfect camping spot for you.

1. Look for a well-established spot.

Even though you are camping in the wild, you must still be able to search for a spot that is suitable to attain your needs without the need to commence cleaning.

2. Pick the best piece of land

Your chosen terrain must be relatively flat with a very slight slope that would represent as the drainage system in case of rain. Take note that the ground must not be too soft so that your tent would be able to hold its place.

3. Determine if you could get water nearby

If you will camp for days, make sure that you have an access to the clean and fresh water in the area.

4. Employ the advantages of sunlight

The sunlight could help you during the morning because it would give you warmth and it could dry up your wet clothes; moreover, it could increase the temperature during cooler climates, but if you are camping during a hot weather, then you will certainly need some shades in your camping spot especially on the afternoons.

5. Beware of the wind’s strength and direction

It is advisable to search for a spot that is well sheltered from strong winds, even though you discover that there are lots of bugs in the place, the wind will then become your ally. Spots that are exposed to the wind might be very cold during the night and depending on the weather, this thing might not be best for you. If you happen to choose a site that is exposed to winds, then you have to stake your tarps and tents well and do not forget to put some additional weight on any equipment that are outside.

6. Check for fire restrictions

Always consider that there might be rules in lighting up fires. If fires are permitted, then you have to select a secured space to light up fire, make sure that the spot is not exposed to strong winds and if there are firewood sources.

7. Consider the view

Imagine yourself relaxing in your campsites and enjoy watching a very beautiful scenery.

8. Be safe

Avoid camping beside a river because it might flood or camping on a high ground. Always beware of the wild animals like boars, bears, snakes, etc. Take note that dead branches could fall from old trees so you must not camp under those trees.

9. Value the importance of respect

Avoid setting up your camp in close proximity of other campers.

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